Measles virus used to kill brain tumor cells; Team stops cancer stem cell differentiation;

Cancer Research

A modified form of the measles virus was used to kill brain tumor cells in the laboratory. Ands the same approach could help improve the chances of children suffering from a type of brain cancer. Report 

A science team in Pittsburgh says they've discovered how to stop a cancer stem cell from differentiating into tumor forming cells. Story

PTC Therapeutics has won a $5 million grant from the Wellcome Trust to study new cancer drugs that target a protein involved in forming resistance to therapeutics. Release

A subset of cancer stem cells responsible for metastasis in colorectal cancer patients has been identified at the University of Hong Kong, which could help researchers design better treatments for the disease. Story

Inhibiting a DNA repair protein could lead the way to safer cancer therapies, according to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. Report

Stem Cell Research

Problems with the current technology used to cultivate embryonic stem cells spurred investigators at the University of Michigan to develop a unique synthetic surface for petri dishes that should help facilitate researchers' work in the field. Report

A new study shows that umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell transplant may improve symptoms and biochemical values in patients with severe refractory systemic lupus erythematosus.  Release


The NIH has provided a $2 million grant to the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research to double the size of its genomics computing center. Report

Cancer Voice Australia has joined other groups in filing a lawsuit challenging the patents placed on genes. But the country's biotech association says that the court challenge, similar to one fought in the U.S., would scuttle R&D work in the field. Story