Man's best friend can sniff out bowel cancer; Orangutan genome sequenced;

Cancer Research

> Man's best friend can sniff out bowel cancer, according to research in the journal Gut. Item

> A team of Yale University scientists has synthesized for the first time a chemical compound called lomaiviticin aglycon, leading to the development of a new class of molecules that appear to target and destroy cancer stem cells. More here

> Delaying hormone therapy lowers breast cancer risk among menopausal women. Report


> A team of scientists at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere has discovered that a single alteration in the genetic code of about a fourth of African-Americans helps protect them from coronary artery disease. Johns Hopkins release

> The orangutan is the third non-human primate to have its genome sequenced, after the chimp and rhesus macaque. Story

> New anti-HIV gene therapy developed. It renders T-cells resistant to infection without affecting their normal growth and activity. Report

Stem Cells

> Researchers at Salk take the nestin plunge and discover what exactly this stem cell marker does. It regulates synapse formation. Salk Institute release

> Stem cells show promise in repairing a child's heart. More here

> Time to buy into stem cells? Motley Fool says... "Meh." The Fool