Illumina offers understanding of molecular mechanisms

San Diego-based Illumina is commercializing three new products aimed at a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms that give rise to cancer. Illumina's DASL Assay is designed to profile expression in degraded RNA, such as that found in formalin-fixed paraffin embedded samples. At the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute researchers are using whole-genome DASL profiling to identify molecular profiles associated with chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer.

"We have a significant number of archived ovarian cancer samples, and this new approach has provided me with a way to finally access the information in these invaluable samples," said Harvard's Dr. John Quackenbush. "The DASL assay gives us the ability to obtain consistent, high-quality data from FFPE samples and has opened-up new avenues of investigation that were not previously available to us."

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