Group firebombs another UCLA researcher's car

A vehicle belonging to a university researcher at UCLA was firebombed recently, the latest in a string of attacks carried out by members of a radical animal-rights group. Police and the university condemned the attacked, and boosted their reward for information about the attackers to $445,000.

"The actions of extremists who use violent and illegal tactics are utterly reprehensible and beyond contempt," Chancellor Gene Block said in a statement. The attack was quickly credited to the Animal Liberation Front, which said they would continue to target the researcher until he suspended his work involving animals.

There have been four firebombings at researchers' houses over the past year, destroying four vehicles and damaging the front door of one of the homes. Police have been stepping up their security efforts in a drive to arrest the animal rightists involved. But so far they have not met with success. 

- read the report from the Daily Bruin

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