Geron gets OK to launch historic ESC trial; Scientists gain $10M grant to study genetics of schizophrenia;

Stem Cell Research

After more than 15 years of work and £100 million in expenses, the FDA has given Geron the green light to begin the world's first Phase I study an ESC therapy. Investigators say that it could revolutionize the treatment of spinal cord injuries, but ESC supporters fear that a scientific disaster could cripple other programs. Story

In a new study involving pigs researchers at the University of Miami used a new stem cell therapy to make damaged hearts as good as new. Report

Within 24 hours of culturing adult human stem cells on a new type of matrix, University of Michigan researchers were able to make predictions about how the cells would differentiate, or what type of tissue they would become. Release

A new study shows how particles of a ceramic called calcium phosphate have the ability to stimulate promising bone regrowth by attracting stem cells and 'growth factors' to promote healing and the integration of the grafted tissue. Release


An "ancient" gene family has been linked to the risk of epilepsy, which should help researchers come up with a new therapy for the ailment. Report

Chinese scientists say they have found a genetic trigger for liver cancer. Story

The National Institute of Mental Health is providing a $10 million grant to a consortium of scientists working on the genetics of schizophrenia. Report

Scientists have successfully used "next generation sequencing" to identify mutations that may cause Perrault syndrome -- a rare and mysterious genetic disorder. Release

Cancer Research

Researchers have discovered a mechanism by which Helicobacter pylori, the only known cancer-causing bacterium, disables a tumor suppressor protein in host cells. Release

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have identified a new way to regulate the uncontrolled growth of blood vessels. Release