Genetics expert leaps into gene sequencing race

Harvard Medical School professor George Church, one of the key players in the Human Genome Project and a noted expert in genetics, has set his sights on winning the $10 million prize being offered to the first team that can sequence the genomes of 100 people in 10 days at a cost of $10,000 per genome. The Archon Genomics X prize is pitting some of the leading scientists in the field in a hotly contested race to bring gene sequencing down to Main Street prices. And once that happens, researchers are quite confident that a multibillion-dollar industry will swiftly grow up around the technology as developers target a new era of personalized medicines. Tech entrepreneur Marc Hodosh was brought in to run the competition, and he's been working hard to promote it by signing up a host of celebrities like Larry King to have their genes sequenced.

To the victor go the spoils.

"If it happens in Massachusetts, it's going to help a lot of companies and individuals here in the state," Church told the Boston Globe.

- here's the article from The Boston Globe