Drug proves promising against pancreatic cancer

A team of researchers at Cancer Research Technology says that a new drug that targets PKD in tumors has demonstrated a promising ability to target pancreatic and lung cancer.

Speaking to the American Association for Cancer Research, the scientists explained that they have been working on a new molecule that targets kinases, a crucial link in the way the inside and outside of a cell communicate. Interfering with kinases could interrupt cell survival and the development of new blood vessels, both key targets in cancer discovery work. The researchers believe that they may be on to a new therapy that could not only kill cancer cells but could simultaneously block the formation of blood vessels, a potent dual-mechanism of action.

In animal studies, CRT0066101 demonstrated an ability to inhibit the growth of pancreatic tumors and also appears to work against lung cancer.

"There is a great lack of really effective treatments. Surgery gives the best chance if done early but even in that situation it can recur or spread," says Sue Ballard, the founder of Pancreatic Cancer UK. "This research is in the very early stages but anything that's starting to show promising results is vitally needed." 

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