Dems debate best way to repeal ESC restrictions; Grape extract kills leukemia cells;

Stem Cell Research

Scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine and at UC-San Francisco have succeeded in isolating stem cells from human testes. The cells bear a striking resemblance to embryonic stem cells--they can differentiate into each of the three main types of tissues of the body. Release

Democrats are debating whether to repeal the Bush administration's restrictions on embryonic stem cell research by executive order or through new legislation that will spell out government policy in detail. Story

Cancer Research

An extract from grape seeds forces laboratory leukemia cells to commit cell suicide, according to researchers from the University of Kentucky. They found that within 24 hours, 76 percent of leukemia cells had died after being exposed to the extract. Release

British researchers say that the SCG3 mRNA molecule is more common in individuals with neuroendocrine small-cell lung cancer, a biomarker that can be used to guide doctors' treatment decisions. Story

An MIT team has developed gold nanoparticles that melt and release drugs when exposed to infrared light. That approach may advance the delivery of therapies for cancer and AIDS, which often require multiple drug treatments. Report

Researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong say that cancer cells can reverse apoptosis--or programmed cell death--allowing them to escape chemotherapy treatments. Story


An international team led by University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine researchers has identified genetic markers associated with risk for ulcerative colitis. Release

U.S. scientists have discovered a gene that can identify the risk of heart attack among people under the age of 40 who develop the coronary artery disease. Release

Variations in the SFTPA2 gene have been linked to the inherited form of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which causes severe scarring of the lungs. Report

Mutations in the U2HR gene increase the risk of childhood baldness, a rare condition. The work points the way to new therapies that can treat the condition. Report