Combination therapy for breast cancer affirmed

Cancer Research

> A study by Ohio State University finds a rationale for treating breast cancer by combining two kinds of targeted agents, one that inhibits an overactive pathway in cancer cells and another that reverses changes that silence genes that normally prevent cancer. Story

> Norman Maitland, a professor at the U.K.'s University of York and "a leading light in the fight against cancer," has been chosen to head part of a national team battling the disease. Item

> Years of prostate cancer research stolen with laptop at Oklahoma restaurant. Reward offered. Report


> Study finds that certain genetic profiles increase risk of coronary artery disease while others increase risk of heart attacks in those with coronary disease; blood group O offers protection. News

> Scientists, "for the first time ever," successfully visualize single molecules of naturally occurring messenger RNA. Release

> Genetics plays a role in who we choose as friends. Item

Stem Cells

> Stem cells derived from a patient with an inherited heart disease could help test specific treatments for the disease, known as long QT syndrome, say scientists. Story

> Vets use stem cells to manage pets' pain. Report

> Researchers in Hong Kong generate new human induced pluripotent stem cells by reprogramming human skin cells into embryonic stem cell-like state with the use of a special enzyme inhibitor. Item