Cleveland Clinic's Top 10 List highlights medical innovation

Medical innovation at the Cleveland Clinic has long been a shiny spot within the Rust Belt, with new devices and treatments constantly being tested and developed. And the Clinic has released a top 10 list, highlighting the work of some of the best medical and biotech talent in the Midwest.

The Cleveland Clinic's Top 10 Medical Innovations: 2011 recognizes technology that will have short-term impact, will likely be successful, be on the market or close to being there and have the data to back up its success. The winners range from pill-sized cameras for doctors to inspect a pediatric patient's gut, to radioactive compounds that let doctors "see" inside a patient's brain and hopefully detect Alzheimer's early.

And, in between, are innovations like miniature implantable monitors to track a heart-failure patient's health to the first prostate cancer vaccine to be approved by the FDA. The Top 10 List also showcases the state of American innovation--all of this is only one year's worth of work at one U.S. research institution.

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