Cellceutix reports preclinical progress on cancer therapy

Beverly, MA-based Cellceutix says that it has observed promising results from its preclinical cell studies on Kevetrin, a potential therapy targeting drug-resistant cancer cells.

Researchers for the company say they were investigating the drug for its effectiveness on a new pathway for lung cancer, finding that Kevetrin had a 78 percent effective rate of G2/M arrest. Data also showed that cells treated with Kevetrin also demonstrated a 66 percent increase in apoptosis compared to non-treated cells.

"This data provides important insight into how Kevetrin is working to attack resistant cancer cells and significant because when dealing with drug-resistant cancers it is imperative to find multiple pathways to destroy the cells," said CEO George Evans, "We are very excited about the potential Kevetrin is presenting to the value of our company as all pre-clinical data has been extremely promising."

- here's the Cellceutix release