Cancer clue found in absence of tumor-suppressor genes; Fibroid tumors triggered by single mutated stem cell;

Cancer Research

> It turns out that in many common cancers, large groups of cooperating tumor-suppressor genes are deleted, scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center have found. Release

> The cell surface receptor protein CD19 may serve as a switch to turn off B cell lymphoma, researchers at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia have discovered. Release

Stem Cells

> A single mutated stem cell triggers fibroid tumors as it goes wild in a frenzied expansion, Northwestern Medicine scientists have discovered. Release

> Using a patient's own stem cells has shown promise as a treatment for peripheral artery disease. Story


> A genetic abnormality in prostate tumors known as copy number variation could help predict whether a patient will experience a prostate cancer relapse. The phenomenon could also determine how aggressive or mild the relapse will be. Story

> Nkx2.5 is the gene linked to a rare condition where babies are born without a spleen, researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College and Rockefeller University have found. Release