Buck Institute blueprints new stem cell facility; New insights into addiction therapies

Stem Cell Research

The Buck Institute for Age Research says it will go ahead and build a new $41 million stem cell research facility even if it doesn't qualify for federal stimulus money. Report

A new study reinforces the potential value of stem cells in repairing major injuries involving the loss of bone structure. Release


A mouse study reveals how cocaine can switch genes off and on, offering new insights that could help inspire new therapies for addiction. Story

Scientists have discovered four new genetic variants that boost the risk of leukemia. Story

An oncologist at St. Louis Children's Hospital has launched a new study into the genetic triggers of childhood leukemia. Report

Cancer Research

Geron says that new stem cell technology it's working on inhibited tumor activity and reduced the size of tumors in a lab study. Story

A U.K. research team showed that medulloblastomas can grow from a type of brain stem cell and that these cancers are a distinct form of the disease which may require a completely different approach to treatment. Story

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