Albany biomedical institute gains $42M; Genetic research points to new autism therapies;

Stem Cell Research

The war over expanding stem cell research in Michigan is likely to be a costly fracas, with both sides spending millions on the issue. Story

Research Funds

New York is putting up $42 million to fund a new biomedical institute in Albany that will concentrate on new research regarding cancer, cardiology and neurological diseases. Report

DoD officials have recommended Targeted Genetics for up to $2.4 million to be applied towards preclinical development of new therapies for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Release

Florida A&M has won a $14 million federal grant to fund new drug research. Story

UAB has won a $3.6 million grant to study the effects of genetics, diet and drugs on the blood thinner warfarin. Report


Six genes involved in early brain development are abnormal in many autistic children, pointing to a new neurological pathway for researchers to follow in designing new therapies. Report

In one of the first studies to link molecular genetic variants to adolescent delinquency, sociological research published in the August issue of the American Sociological Review identifies three genetic predictors--of serious and violent delinquency--that gain predictive precision when considered together with social influences, such as family, friends and school processes. Release

The Los Angeles Times examines the showdown between genetic testing firms and state officials in California who say they are breaking the law. Report

Cancer Research

Using PET scans, U.S. researchers successfully pinpointed and tracked prostate cancer cells as they spread to the lymph nodes in mice, a method they believe has the potential to improve the way advanced prostate cancer is treated in men. Report