Lundbeck upgrades ArisGlobal regulatory and safety IT system

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Danish drug developer Lundbeck has upgraded to the latest version of ArisGlobal's regulatory and safety platform. The decision, which follows a review of the alternatives, will see Lundbeck move to a fully outsourced hosted system, a model it thinks will lower its upgrade and maintenance costs while freeing it to focus on its core business.

Having moved to the new model, Lundbeck is relying on the fully hosted agCloud service provided by ArisGlobal. The service will allow Lundbeck to relinquish responsibility for the backend of the system used to support its regulatory and pharmacovigilance software, ArisGlobal's Register and ARISg. ArisGlobal is pitching the pay-as-you-go pricing model of agCloud--and the fact it eliminates the need for upfront outlays on infrastructure--as a way for clients to drive down total costs. 

Executives at Lundbeck have bought into the idea. "Lundbeck believes that the ArisGlobal Total Safety suite via agOnDemand is the right solution in order to minimize maintenance and upgrade costs [and] resources, and for us to focus on our key deliverables--our pharmaceutical products and development projects," Jens Peter Balling, VP of pharmacovigilance and clinical quality assurance at Lundbeck, said in a statement.

While the model is new for Lundbeck, the company with which it is working is unchanged. Lundbeck is a long-term client of ArisGlobal, the company from which it sources platforms to track regulatory activities and report drugs safety and other pharmacovigilance information. Having decided to stick with ArisGlobal and upgrade to its new product line following a review of the alternatives, Lundbeck will now use the latest versions of Register and ARISg to keep on top of its reporting requirements.

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