Fast-growing Agilux doubles its preclinical space

Massachusetts CRO Agilux Laboratories has expanded its in vivo pharmacokinetics footprint, boosting its ability to run preclinical drug-response tests for a growing list of clients.

With the expansion, Agilux has doubled its space for housing animal models, allowing it to handle more drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) studies, the company said. All that new capacity will mean quick initiation and efficient stewardship of in vivo studies for drug developers, President and CEO Jim Jersey said, leaving room for further growth into more species and genders.

"Investing in the current and future growth of this facility and our in vivo capabilities ensures that we can continue to service existing and prospective clients in the fastest, most flexible and efficient manner possible," Jersey said in a statement. "The iterative nature of in vivo pharmacokinetic screening requires rapid cycle times with turn-on-a-dime changes in priorities."

Agilux has been expanding its capabilities in preclinical research over the past year, spending to increase its drug-response-determination technology and launching a segment dedicated to oncology discovery. Over the summer, Agilux bolstered its mass spectrometry offerings, and the company believes it's poised to snag a bigger share of the market for early-phase work.

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