Xceleron teams with Chinese CRO for early development

Drug-development specialist Xceleron is partnered with Crystal Pharmatech, and the two plan to pool their early-stage resources and offer clients quick bioavailability data for their compounds.

Neither company disclosed the financial details, but the China-based Crystal brings its solid-state research expertise to complement Xceleron's tests for pharmacokinetics in early-stage development.

Too often, drug efficacy suffers in modern small-molecule development because researchers can't properly account for unpredictable biological models, Xceleron says, but the CROs' combined efforts can help sponsors make quick decisions about a candidate's long-term viability.

"Having robust bioavailability and pharmacokinetic data at the outset provides a strong foundation for determining the best solid form and formulation," Alex Chen, CEO of Crystal Pharmatech, said in a statement. "Each company brings significant expertise to the discussion of novel clinical outcomes."

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