ScinoPharm, Sundia team up in China

Taiwanese contract manufacturer ScinoPharm and Chinese CRO Sundia MediTech are pooling their resources to cash in on the demand for outsourced services in China.

Under the deal, ScinoPharm will join its Chinese subsidiary with Sundia's Shanghai-based operation, creating "a robust collaboration with single-source solutions to address the increasing number of multinational companies shifting their drug development research and clinical trials in China," ScinoPharm CEO Jo Shen said in a statement.

Sundia, founded in 2004, specializes in new drug R&D, and combining its expertise with ScinoPharm's long-established commercial production know-how will help the CRO expand its share of the Chinese market and recruit new partners from around the world, Sundia CEO Chen Chen said.

China is swiftly becoming an in-demand site for global drug development, but, as more and more Big Pharma outfits run into problems with questionable data and poorly regulated processes, would-be sponsors are likely taking a closer look at CROs and CMOs before signing deals.

Sundia, with its roster of more than 100 clients across North America, Europe and Asia, believes its reputation speaks for itself, and Chen said ScinoPharm's history with the world's largest drug companies makes it an ideal partner for a strategic alliance.

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