Radiant Sage finds big software need for Pfizer

Radiant Sage has emerged in recent years as one of the software companies to watch in clinical trials image management. It picked up early business from drug giant Pfizer ($PFE) and demonstrated that its technology addresses a major need in clinical development.

Radiant Sage founder Venkatesan Thangaraj told Bio-IT World how his venture got started. Back in 2008, drug companies were searching for software that could ease the management of imaging files from clinical trials. Internal archives were built for part of the task, but the industry lacked a ready-made software product to suit its needs.

Belmont, MA-based Radiant Sage landed Pfizer as its first major customer, and it added another top-5 drugmaker to its client roster last year, Bio-IT World reports. The company now offers web-based tools that allow clinical trial images to be viewed without having to download the large files. Also, Radiant Sage built an image portal that saves Pfizer time in managing imaging data, and reduces the need to transport image files via CD or DVD and track the movement on Excel spreadsheets.

"We're at the same spot on the curve as several other big pharmas," Kris Kokomoor, associate director of Pfizer's Center for Excellence for Drug Development group, told Bio-IT World. "Other pharmas might try to solve this problem internally, but I'm glad we didn't do that."  

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