Particle Sciences teams with Chinese CRO on solubility

As the science behind innovative treatments gets more and more sophisticated, poor solubility has become a serious concern for drug developers. With that in mind, Chinese CRO Crystal Pharmatech has partnered with drug delivery-focused contractor Particle Sciences to offer formulation solutions to clients.

The partnership brings Particle's more than two decades of API formulation expertise with Crystal's Chinese market share and experience selecting the appropriate solid phase of investigational compounds, giving clients a wide range of options for insoluble drugs, the companies said. 

"Often times, a client will work with a CRO to find a path forward for API development, only to realize that the chosen path is unacceptable for formulation development and, as a result, the project goes over the allocated time and budget," Particle Sciences' Vice President Robert Lee said in a statement. However, with their pooled resources, the two CROs can steer clients clear of formulation woes in the development process, Lee said.

For Crystal, the partnership follows a similar one with Xceleron. The deal, announced in January, unites CRO's solid-state research expertise with Xceleron's tests for pharmacokinetics in early-stage development to offer clients quick bioavailability data for their compounds.

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