Nextrials, CRO partner to lower drug research costs

Nextrials has found a new partner to adopt its clinical trials software, which is tailored for the iPad. InClin, a clinical research organization (CRO), plans to use Nextrials' Prism software to speed the start of trials and push down costs of drug development.

Prism packages electronic data capture (EDC) and clinical trial management capabilities in one product, according to San Ramon, CA-based Nextrials. The clinical research software outfit, which is smaller than its rivals such as Oracle ($ORCL) and Medidata Solutions ($MDSO), has striven to make Prism stand out with certain features such as integration with electronic health records (EHRs). And CEO James Rogers believes that EHRs will play a larger role managing data for clinical research in the future. InClin seems sold.

"We take pride in our ability to deliver superior data quality to our sponsors," Dr. Dirk Thye, CEO of Los Altos, CA-based InClin, said in a statement, "and Nextrials' Prism meets our high standards as an enabling data management platform that can significantly shorten the length of time it takes to initiate and monitor a clinical trial."

InClin is among a herd of CROs seeking ways to use software and other technologies to gain an edge in a highly competitive market for clinical trials services, with pharma and device groups awarding contracts based on stringent quality and efficiency standards.

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