New rules push drug trials out of India

The last person to complete a drug trial in India should turn the lights out on the way out the door. New reports from the subcontinent indicate that the NIH has slammed the brakes on 40 ongoing studies, part of a rapid slowdown in new drug development work in a country that once figured prominently in the global R&D industry. The Wall Street Journal reports that new rules--put into place after an outcry over fears that the country's poor were being pressed into dangerous studies for treatments they didn't understand--have raised a host of vexing questions, including the possibility of lifelong free treatment for patients. As a result, an industry which once hosted more than 500 drug studies in 2010 has seen that figure dwindle to a little more than 50 approved so far this year as developers transfer trial work to other countries in Asia. Story | More from FierceCRO