Illumina teams with AB Sciex to add proteomics apps to BaseSpace

Ruedi Aebersold--Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Illumina ($ILMN) has teamed up with AB Sciex to add proteomic data analysis capabilities to its BaseSpace platform. As a result of the collaboration, Illumina is hosting four apps for processing, analyzing and visualizing proteomics mass spectrometry data on BaseSpace.

The addition of proteomics apps will expand the capabilities of BaseSpace, the cloud-based platform Illumina introduced as a home for an ecosystem of tools users can link together as needed. Adding proteomics apps to the mix will allow researchers to handle data on proteins on the same system they use for genomics, a prospect that has been well-received in certain quarters.

"Using this platform, researchers will be able to make predictable, actionable, and testable models of disease more quickly and efficiently. In essence it moves the focus of multilevel analysis of biological systems from wet-lab data acquisition into the computational domain, where large data sets can be shared globally," Ruedi Aebersold, a professor at Switzerland's Federal Institute of Technology, said in a statement.

Illumina currently has 36 tools on its list of featured apps, more than BaseSpace had in total at the start of the year. The plan has always been to charge users for the service, but to date Illumina has yet to move BaseSpace beyond its free beta period. In March, Illumina said it would probably start charging for BaseSpace storage and processing sometime this year.

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