Icon rolls out data visualization tech for adaptive trials

Icon ($ICON), like most of the world's largest CROs, is investing in high-tech adaptive trial monitoring, and the company's latest offering allows investigators to comb through huge dumps of lab data in real time, tracking trial trends as they happen.

Through Iconik Labs, researchers can visualize, analyze and report on study results as they come in, breaking things down on a patient-by-patient level or zooming out to chart developments across a whole clinical program. The technology is coded to instantly identify sites churning out aberrant results, Icon said, improving trial efficacy. At the same time, Iconik Labs has a built-in Hy's Law analysis that can help detect patients at risk for drug-induced liver injury.

Icon's latest adaptive offering dovetails with Iconik Monitoring, designed to help sponsors keep a closer eye on study sites, and Iconik Safety, which scans real-time data in search of potential risks to patients.

"Iconik Labs has transformed how study teams review and analyze laboratory data and has enabled a fresh approach to combining lab parameters to review study trends," Group President Steve Cutler said in a statement. "It enables study teams to quickly uncover actionable insights that support earlier, more informed decision-making and more efficient trial management."

The CRO has been pouring money into its technology infrastructure over the past year in an effort to differentiate its services, and Icon brass believes the effort is working. Last quarter, the Irish company boosted its revenue 19% year over year to $339.8 million, and net income swelled 57% to $27.8 million.

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