The FierceBiotech/Bloomberg Intelligence survey: Are biotech assets overvalued?

It's time for another FierceBiotech survey! And this time, we've partnered with Bloomberg Intelligence to expand our reach into the global ranks of biopharma execs and analysts.

Biopharma companies have been pouring billions of dollars into cancer drug R&D, in part because a better understanding of the genetic drivers involved in cancer has made it possible to come up with a new generation of targeted therapies. These more carefully honed programs have been racking up a slate of new drug approvals at the FDA. And we'd like to get your opinion on whether we're seeing incremental improvements or a game-changing, tidal shift in accelerating R&D strategies and execution.

Asthika Goonewardene

On top of that, we're also asking readers to let us know your thoughts on the big question of the day: Are biopharma acquisitions in a post-Pharmacyclics/Synageva deal world a sign that biotech assets are overpriced? Or has the industry simply recognized the real value of what some of these new drugs are worth?

And finally, do you feel that the Nasdaq biotech index has some room to grow, or has it hit a plateau?

In every case, we're asking you to cast a vote and explain your thinking. This link will take you straight to the survey.

I'll be providing some insights from the survey, with the help of Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Asthika Goonewardene, at our upcoming panel on accelerating FDA approvals June 16 at the annual meeting of BIO in Philadelphia. You can register for that event here. -- John Carroll (On Twitter @JohnCFierce)