FierceBiotech and the experts weigh in on surviving the proof-of-concept challenge

I've been writing for more than a decade now on the challenges associated with executing a proof-of-concept study. I've seen some amazing new innovations deliver credible, early-stage data that proves research teams are blazing promising paths. And I've seen pitfalls and simple screw-ups scuttle one program--and biotech--after the next.

Drug development has never been easy, but it is doable. And some expert advice always helps. On June 18, bright and early, I'll be in San Diego to moderate a panel discussion on this topic. If you're engaged in early-stage work, or thinking about it, I hope you come by and join the discussion about finding the best way forward to PoC.

My guests on the panel are Andreas Koester, head of clinical trial innovation at J&J's Janssen; Brett Monia, the SVP of antisense drug discovery at Isis; Mike Grey, the CEO of Lumena and a venture capital exec who recently struck a $260 million-plus buyout deal with Shire; and Todd Huffman, the director of drug discovery partnerships at Scripps, who's also heading up a new spinout program for new biotechs.

Together, these headliners will offer insight into innovative trial designs, new tech, company structures, venture backing and more that can make the difference between success and failure at a critical stage of development. And we'll all be taking questions directly from the audience, both before, during and after the panel talk.

I don't get to San Diego as often as I should. It has a vibrant biotech community that's engaged in some of the most important drug development efforts in the country. Come by and introduce your company. You can click here to register for the event. -- John Carroll (email | Twitter)