Editor's Corner

Happy holiday break

This will be my last FierceBioResearcher report for 2006. As regular readers of our sister publication FierceBiotech already know, we take off the last week of the year to retool (also known as a break to digest Christmas dinner and, for me, a chance to tramp the Green Mountains of Vermont). Starting this report has been an eye-opening experience, giving me a close-up view of the research that will drive the medical discoveries of the future. Next year I'm sure we'll continue to see measurable progress in virtually every important field of therapeutic research, with an increased understanding of genomics, advances in stem cell work and a host of other fields. A recent report by the GAO underscores that funds for R&D have grown enormously even as NDAs lag. But there's a new generation of therapies boiling up from the labs that will result in some startling advances in human health. And on that thought, I wish you a happy New Year's. - John Carroll

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