Editor's Corner

New and improved

I'm revamping the report a bit. Given the large amount of new research being done on stem cell therapies and cancer, I'm going to start grouping reports in both fields. I believe the new structure will help researchers find links to the most relevant work in their respective fields. It also helps me focus on expanding our coverage into two critical areas of research. If you have suggestions about similar groupings, let me know. - John Carroll

Suggested Articles

Antibiotics dubbed odilorhabdins (ODLs), inspired by soil-dwelling nematodes, hold promise for treating antibiotic-resistant infections.

A PureTech startup is developing an immune-responsive hydrogel that releases a corticosteroid into arthritic joints based on their level of inflammation.

A trial of a retinal implant built from embryonic stem cells produced encouraging results in patients with dry age-related macular degeneration.