Edge picks MPI to test 3 brain injury treatments

MPI Research and Edge Therapeutics have announced a partnership to conduct preclinical and clinical trials toward the testing of products they hope can combat the effects of a brain hemorrhage.

With a pipeline of drugs to treat neurological conditions like traumatic brain injury and hemorrhage, Edge will use MPI to test three candidate products: NimoGel, NimoVent and EG-1964. Containing a calcium channel blocker called nimodipine, NimoGel can be implanted in a person's brain near the site of the hemorrhage, where it will contain the bleeding of the aneurysm while releasing nimodipine to prevent decompression illness and minimize other side effects. Like NimoGel, NimoVent is meant to combat further effects after a subarachnoid hemorrhage but is far less invasive, delivered through an intraventricular catheter to reduce the rate of ischemic deficits. EG-1964 would reduce the risk of recurrent chronic subdural hematoma.

"We are impressed by Edge's world-class science in brain hemorrhage and drug delivery," Paul Oskar, vice president and general manager of drug safety and preclinical sciences at MPI Research, said in a statement. "Together, MPI Research and Edge have the expertise and capabilities needed to accelerate the preclinical and clinical programs for Edge's promising and potentially lifesaving hospital-based therapies."

If all goes as planned, Phase II studies for NimoGel and NimoVent could begin later this year. 

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