Eagle Genomics, Cycle Computing win bid to develop bioinformatics solutions

As the volume of bioinformatics data increases, companies and researchers need more sophisticated analysis tools to help them cope. In a move to help companies through this data deluge, Eagle Genomics and Cycle Computing have won a competitive bid and gained support to develop their Sequencing Analysis Platform, currently at proof-of-concept stage. The support, including an award of $50,000, will come from the Pistoia Alliance, a global, not-for-profit, precompetitive alliance of life science companies, vendors, publishers and academic groups. The system will use standard bioinformatics tools and custom workflows to analyze precompetitive pharmaceutical genomics R&D data, while keeping each customer's data private and confidential. Of 11 bids, only three were accepted. The support will last for four months, and the collaboration's Sequencing Analysis Platform will be launched midyear. Press release