Debate over ESC support centers on distant objectives

The Boston Globe uses California's experience with its stem cell program as a cautionary tale as lawmakers debate a proposed bill that would provide a billion dollars to support the life sciences field. Even advocates of the legislation, notes the Globe, acknowledge that "it could take years, if not decades, for the grants to pay off." Research for new therapies takes time, of course, and is generally tracked in decades.

You could also argue that providing funds for new research has a more immediate impact. And an important one at that. The purpose of the California stem cell institute is to encourage research, bring in top scientists, dedicate new labs and provide the financial freedom for them to make significant progress. In the research field, heading in the right direction can be a major advance.

- read the article in The Boston Globe

ALSO: California's stem cell institute has received 50 applications for its New Cell Lines Award. Report

PLUS: California has been touting the creation of thousands of new jobs in the biomedical field. Report

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