CRO Onyx signs up to help CRUK handle cancer R&D

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has enlisted contract drugmaker Onyx Scientific to pitch in on some of its early research projects, handling development and manufacturing for clinical trials.

Under the deal, CRUK is tasking the CMO with process development, solid-state chemistry and synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in a range of Phase I studies.

The agreement builds off a longstanding relationship between the two, according to Onyx, beginning in 2011 with an API contract. Since then, the Sunderland, U.K.-headquartered contractor has proven itself through a series of follow-on projects, CRUK Drug Supply Manager Nigel Westwood said, making it an ideal partner for future studies.

Onyx has grown to employ about 40 people, according to Northern England's The Journal, evolving over its 14-year history into one of the nation's go-to chemistry specialists. Indian pharma contractor IPCA Laboratories acquired the company three years ago, and it has been gradually expanding its footprint ever since, Commercial Director Denise Bowser said.

"It is very pleasing that our track record and reputation in solid state chemistry and GMP API manufacturing continues to grow," Bowser said in a statement. "This has led to us to work with several of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world alongside many smaller drug developers and charitable bodies."

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