CRO ESTERN, Nextrials sign software agreement

Gaining real-time access to the data coming out of clinical trials can provide benefits for the sponsors by helping them to keep a closer eye on costs, as well as ensuring that clinical trials kick off more quickly and that adverse events are reported accurately and promptly. Through ESTERN's agreement with clinical research software company Nextrials, sponsor companies conducting trials with ESTERN Medical, a CRO, and using Nextrials' software platform Prism will get real-time data access.

Under the terms of the agreement, ESTERN Medical researchers will receive access to Nextrials' Prism, an electronic data capture (EDC) and clinical trial management software platform that integrates EDC with electronic health records, using the Retrieve Form for Data capture standard (RFD). This allows a constant stream of data from the clinical trial site, which could potentially reduce the time taken to complete clinical trials and get drugs to the market. The knock-on effect of this would be to cut development costs.

"As CROs and sponsors compete for clinical sites and trials become more costly and complex, technology tools such as Prism have never been more valuable," said Dr. Jorge Estrella, founder, president and chief medical officer of ESTERN Medical CRO. "Prism gives sponsors the ability to better manage and predict investigator site EDC data, logistics, management and costs, and can solve critical business challenges throughout the clinical research process."

Latin America is an active region for clinical trials and a growing market for biopharmaceuticals manufacturing and sales. As ESTERN Medical has offices in Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Argentina, the collaboration could give Nextrials improved access to this lucrative region.

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