ChemAxon extends pharma software streak with Schrödinger deal

ChemAxon is on a roll. The Budapest-based chemical informatics outfit has inked a 5-year extension to its collaboration with Schrödinger. The deal enables Schrödlinger to integrate ChemAxon's chemistry tools into its enterprise informatics platform, Seurat, and follows a string of other tie-ups with major industry players.

This year ChemAxon has sealed deals to take part in the European Lead Factory for drug discovery, which will provide German drug giant Boehringer Ingelheim with its chemistry software and expand its partnership with the U.S. electronic lab notebook provider Core Informatics. ChemAxon is closely held and does not reveal financial details of its transactions, but the steady pace of transactions augers well for its growth.

"The extension of our agreement underlines ChemAxon's position and reputation as the leading provider of chemistry search and management expertise, and complements Schrödinger's leading modeling and computational chemistry expertise," Alex Drijver, CEO of ChemAxon, said in a statement.

The partnership model benefits both software companies and users, Drijver said, noting that more companies have been turning to ChemAxon for chemistry expertise. Schrödinger, for instance, has latched onto ChemAxon's JChem chemistry structure storage and search toolkit as well as its JKlustor structure library and Marvin chemistry editor and viewer.

Drugmakers can operate Schrödinger's platform in their own data centers or in the Amazon or BT clouds.

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