Biotrial takes tech, talent from failing Forenap

France's Biotrial Research has been busy salvaging usable parts from the CRO graveyard, first buying Warnex's defunct bioanalytics business and now picking up CNS technology and expertise from the liquidating Forenap.

Biotrial isn't disclosing financial particulars, but the deal brings Forenap's neuroscience research center along with a team of R&D experts experienced in drug development, the company said. The new arrivals will be rolled into Biotrial Neuroscience, a new division created to complement the CRO's existing offerings in clinical and preclinical development.

"CNS has been a key area for many years at Biotrial, so when we heard that Forenap was unfortunately closing, we wanted to integrate some of Forenap's highly qualified and motivated individuals into our CNS team, as well as their research center's state-of-the-art equipment," Biotrial CEO Jean-Marc Gandon said in a statement.

Philippe Danjou, Forenap's former R&D director who will head up the new Biotrial division, said targeted CNS therapeutics are becoming more and more popular in the industry, and CROs need to have in-house expertise to compete for sponsorships.

"Biotrial Neuroscience has capitalized on broad experience and a solid track record in conducting CNS-focused clinical trials, and with the integration of Forenap's experienced personnel and equipment, Biotrial Neuroscience now provides more extensive services in the field of electrophysiology, sleep studies, neuroimaging and pain models," he said.

The Forenap deal comes after Biotrial's December acquisition of Warnex's bioanalytics unit, a deal valued at $6.1 million, which gave the growing CRO 25,000 square feet of new lab space, more than 250 assays and about 70 staff members.

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