BioClinica makes eClinical suite available through a range of cloud options

BioClinica has expanded the range of ways customers can access its suite of eClinical tools. The new service, dubbed the BioClinica eHealth Cloud, allows biopharma companies and CROs to run Express EDC, Trident RTSM and other pieces of trial software on public, private, managed or custom cloud infrastructure.

Newtown, PA-based BioClinica is hoping its flexibility with regard to how customers access its tools will ensure each client can find an option that meets their requirements in terms of security, control and support. While Medidata ($MDSO) and other eClinical providers have offered hosted technology platforms for years, BioClinica thinks there are still opportunities, in part because adoption of the model across the industry is patchy.

"Many sponsors and CROs... have yet to adopt a cloud-based solution for the management and delivery of clinical trials," BioClinica SVP Andrew Masters told Masters thinks he knows why some businesses have been slow to embrace cloud systems. "[Companies] are still concerned by the need to have a solution that is appropriately managed to meet regulatory requirements--and one that comes at an affordable cost," he said.

Part of the pitch behind BioClinica eHealth Cloud relates to how it interacts with third-party tools and databases. BioClinica has introduced its cloud offering alongside a standards-based integration exchange, called the Cloud Transformation Gateway. Sponsors and CROs can use the gateway to bolt applications from third parties on to BioClinica's cloud, potentially simplifying the addition of new tools for patient engagement or analytical tasks.

"There are many third-party vendors with clinical trial applications without a means to bring them within the regulated clinical trial space," Masters said. BioClinica Cloud Transformation Gateway is designed to act as a bridge between such developers and regulated trials.

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