Absorption Systems reaches into India with partnership

U.S. preclinical CRO Absorption Systems has signed a deal with Indian consulting firm Synerzys Lifecare, looking to pitch its testing services to the nation's growing generics market.

Absorption offers biopharmaceutics classification system services, helping drugmakers identify their products to regulators ahead of time and negating the need for human testing. Absorption handles pre-clinical permeability testing for BCS classification, allowing clients to speed up approvals of generics and save money on development, CEO Patrick Dentinger said.

"The growing acceptance of the BCS has created the need for a more strategic view of India," Dentinger said in a statement. "In the low-margin, first-to-file world of generic drug products, companies will either use the BCS approach or compete with it."

That's where Synerzys comes in: The consulting firm specializes in advising drugmakers on business decisions, and it's on board to promote the benefits of Absorption's services in saving clients money and getting beneficial therapies in the hands of patients as soon as possible.

The consultancy touts strong relationships with the nation's largest pharmaceutical outfits, and COO Kaushal Shah said partnering with Absorption will bring commercial success for both companies.

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