5 next-gen software tools for biopharma R&D

In this report, you'll learn about a handful of young biotech IT startups that want to revolutionize aspects of biopharma research and development. The industry is rife with inefficiencies--from the way new biomarkers are discovered to the methods pharma employs to round up collaborators. The 5 companies featured here have combined talents and technologies from many different disciplines to solve such problems.

I've chosen to spotlight companies and technologies that are flying mostly under the radar for this report, and many of them are working hard to commercialize their first software products. You won't find any descriptions of products from publicly traded companies, whose new software already gets plenty of play. Also realize that I've only had the opportunity to use one of the products, and this report shouldn't be considered a review of software tools or an endorsement of any of the technologies.

That said, don't be surprised to see some or most of these companies achieve major success. (Of course, I've tried to pick potential winners.) For a similar report I did last year, I featured the fast-growing startup ClearTrial, a provider of clinical trials operations and analytics software, which tech giant Oracle ($ORCL) bought in March under undisclosed terms. Check out the rest of this report to learn about the potential standouts of tomorrow. -- Ryan McBride, Editor (Email | Twitter)