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Pinpointing and Activating Qualified Participants for Clinical Trials

60 Minutes

Join us as we dive into the challenges facing clinical trial recruitment and enrollment today, where a staggering 80% of studies struggle to meet enrollment timelines. Improving patient recruitment requires innovative solutions, especially for genetically targeted therapies - both those in development as well as those already commercially available. We will discuss and address these questions:

  • How can you quickly pinpoint participants who match your therapy and/or study’s unique inclusion/exclusion criteria?

  • How can you further streamline and expedite that patient qualification process?

  • And, most critically, how can you reach these individuals directly and engage them to enroll in your clinical trial?

Many traditional recruitment methods rely on broad consumer or provider outreach that entails numerous qualification stages and doesn’t initially take potential patient interest into account. But what if there was a way to bypass the bulk of these hurdles to access highly qualified and motivated patients?

Learn how a nationwide patient identification and activation service enables biopharma and patient recruitment organizations to quickly identify the right patients for their therapies, at the right time in their health journey and activate these patients for trial enrollment.

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Sara Riordan, MS, CGC

Sara leads Genome Medical’s strategy to apply real world data and genetics expertise to accelerate patient accrual for clinical trials and post-commercial therapies. Prior to joining Genome Medical, she led clinical and research programs at biotech and precision diagnostics organizations such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Life Technologies, Oncocyte and Unified Patient Network. Sara has also led many early-stage companies in developing and commercializing genomic services and applications. In addition, in 2021, she served as the President of the National Society of Genetic Counselors.


Bryan Federowicz

Bryan is a seasoned healthcare executive with deep experience in clinical research operations and making clinical data actionable to enable better care. Currently, Bryan leads the software platform strategy at xCures, where he and the team are dedicated to making real-time healthcare data accessible to all healthcare providers in support of breakthrough research & treatment decision support.


Jill Pellegrino

Jill brings over 15 years of leadership experience in patient recruitment, real world evidence and clinical research site operations. Jill is passionate about innovative, data driven methods to provide patients with opportunities to participate in research. Before AutoCruitment, Jill was at CVS Health where she established and grew the Real World Evidence and Patient Recruitment businesses. Prior to CVS Health, Jill was General Manager of Accelerated Enrollment Solutions, which had a patient recruitment offering and clinical research site network of 160 sites.

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60 Minutes