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Harnessing AI and Proteomics for Glioblastoma

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60 Minutes

The development and advancement of aptamer technology opens vast possibilities for unlocking the biocomplexity available within proteomics. Join industry experts for this insightful webinar to learn more about the powerful tools that are enabling the discovery and validation of clinically relevant biomarkers and accelerating research. 

We’ll explore:

  • How to effectively balance genomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics, alongside proteomic platforms and clinical data
  • Approaches for connecting proteomic data with the clinic 
  • The impact of this technology within research of heterogenous diseases such as glioblastoma 
  • Strategies for linking proteomic features to outcome measures 
  • The latest solutions driving advances in the field
  • And more


Andra Krauze

Andra Krauze

Dr. Andra V. Krauze is a Physician Early Investigator, Radiation Oncologist at NCI NIH, with a focus on leveraging and optimizing computational approaches for identification and implementation of clinically relevant oncologic biomarkers. She is experienced as a clinician and researcher, including research on computational approaches to large-scale data originating from the British Columbia Cancer Registry across several tumor sites.

DeAunne Denmark

DeAunne Denmark

Dr. DeAunne Denmark is the Senior Director of Translational Medicine and Clinical Development at SomaLogic. She is a clinical translational physician-scientist with specialization in molecular and genomic medicine, and with recent focus on precision approaches to complex chronic illness and rare, undiagnosed, and neuroimmune diseases. For over ten years prior to SomaLogic, she served in multiple roles across healthcare, academia, industry, early-stage ventures, and non-profits to develop and directly apply emerging precision technologies toward transforming clinical research and patient care. At SomaLogic, Dr. Denmark works closely with life sciences and academic clients as well as internal R&D teams to further develop high-value proteomics applications for translational and clinical sciences. She completed her MD and PhD in Behavioral Genetics and Neuroscience through the Medical Scientist Training Program at Oregon Health & Sciences University supported by an NIH fellowship for work focused on integrated molecular and behavioral systems approaches to understanding complex traits and genetic vulnerability to neuropsychiatric disease.

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60 Minutes