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Developing and Manufacturing Minitablets to Extend Drug Lifecycle

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Oral minitablets can offer several advantages in pharmaceutical applications, making them a valuable option in drug delivery. One of the key advantages of minitablets is their potential to extend the lifecycle of existing drugs. By allowing for precise dose adjustments and targeting different patient populations, minitablets can revitalize existing medications, giving them new life in the market. However, manufacturing minitablets can be a complex challenge due to their unique size. Ensuring precision in dosing and uniformity may require some adjustments to the manufacturing processes. During this webinar, industry experts will navigate the intricate journey of drug development, exploring how minitablets have redefined formulation strategies, efficacy, and patient-centric solutions as well as options for lifecycle management.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Gain insight into the strategic use of minitablets in drug lifecycle management
  • Learn how minitablets can offer flexibility in dosing and improve patient compliance, particularly for pediatric patients
  • Explore the convenience offered to patients through the packaging of minitablets in unit dose stick packs, optimizing accessibility and usability


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Robert Strickley, PhD

Dr. Robert Strickley has over 30 years’ experience in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing and specializes in oral and parenteral formulations. He has an extensive track record in the discovery and development of small molecules and has played a key role in the creation of commercial products such as Veklury®️ (remdesivir), Viread®️ Oral Powder, Atripla®️, Truvada®️, Stribilt®️, Cayston®️, Tyboost®️ and Zydelig®️. Dr. Strickley holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Utah.

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Valjon Demiri, MSc

Valjon Demiri is a Senior Scientist, Product Development at Catalent’s Schorndorf, Germany site. In his role, Valjon supports pharmaceutical development and clinical manufacturing activities for oral solid dosage programs. He focuses his work on close collaborations with customers to understand the challenges posed by APIs and harness patient-centric design for high-quality drug products. Valjon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the State University of Tetova in Macedonia and a Master of Science degree in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering from Graz University of Technology in Austria. 

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60 Minutes