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Is Data the Answer to Equitable and Inclusive Clinical Trials?

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Health equity requires every moving piece of the healthcare ecosystem, including pharma companies. But ensuring a more equitable and an accessible healthcare system starts for pharma at the beginning. It starts with the HCPs you engage for pre-drug launch and marketing; it starts with the site investigators you recruit; it starts with the location and availability of the study.

Learning objectives:

  • Historically, what has been lacking in clinical trials when it comes to diversity and inclusion
  • Why it took federal guidelines to begin to turn the conversation toward pharma and health equity
  • How big data can fuel trial diversity and why the data matters as well as a case study
  • What the ABC(and D’s) are of clinical trial diversity, equity, access, and inclusion and diversity 
  • Why geography and patient representation matter


Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson Schick

Sarah provides strategic FDA regulatory and compliance counsel to life sciences clients on a variety of matters, including, Good Clinical Practice and clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, medical communications and health care economic information, advertising and promotion, patient support programs, and registration and reporting. 
Her areas of focus include product development and approval, contractual matters, compliance programming, and risk management. Sarah also has experience handling regulatory issues in the context of corporate transactions, securities disclosures, and litigation. 
Sarah previously served as in-house counsel for a publicly traded biopharmaceutical company and also gained hands-on experience working in the legal department for a large hospital system in Texas.

Stacey Rivkin

Stacey Rivkin

Stacey Rivkin is Vice President of Strategic Insights at H1. She leads a team of subject matter experts that drive and provide strategic insights for clients to help global pharma and biotech companies optimize strategic engagement for operational efficiency and commercial growth.

Stacey is considered a strategic partner to H1 clients as she and her team help organizations build and maintain collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships with key global external experts and other stakeholders through optimized identification, profiling, and integrated strategic engagement

Alexandra Moens

Alexandra Moens

Alexandra Moens is a PharmD who has been part of the clinical industry for over 6 years. Her aim is to make a positive impact on patient lives by working with innovative solutions, implementing enhanced clinical strategies and increasing diversity and equity in the drug development lifecycle. Her scientific background and experience working with pharmaceutical partners hand-in-hand have positively impacted clinical teams to get new insights to successfully manage their portfolio strategy in the fast evolving clinical industry.

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60 Minutes