Quintiles' Novella partners up for cardio device R&D

Novella Clinical, owned by Quintiles ($Q), struck a deal with the Cardiovascular Research Foundation to join forces on trial services, expanding their existing relationship to create a seamless offering for medical device developers.

Under the deal, Novella will align its services with the foundation's in-house research organization, called CRF Clinical Trials Center. The two will pool their resources and expertise in imaging, trial design, data analysis and clinical monitoring, offering services from preclinical studies to postmarket trials, Novella said.

"By bringing together the strengths of both a CRO and an [academic research organization], we will be able to offer superior clinical research services, combining operational excellence with scientific and academic leadership of the highest caliber," Dr. Ori Ben-Yehuda, executive director of the CRF Clinical Trials Center, said in a statement. "We expect, over time, to further develop this collaboration with the introduction of a delivery model where sponsors are viewing trial progress in one portal, under one project manager, providing seamless delivery across joint services."

Quintiles acquired Novella in 2013 in a deal worth more than $160 million, prizing the CRO for its specialized focus on medical devices and emerging oncology biotechs.

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