CRO PharPoint signs up to get Otologic's hearing drug into the clinic

Biotech Otologic Pharmaceuticals has chosen North Carolina's PharPoint Research to run an early trial of its lead candidate, a treatment for hearing loss.

The CRO is on board to handle a Phase I trial charting the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of NHPN-1010, Otologic's treatment for acute noise-induced hearing loss. The drug, a combination of the compounds HPN-07 and NAC, is designed to protect the ears from further damage after an injury, limiting permanent hearing loss if administered in time.

In April, the biotech picked up $4.1 million in Series A financing to pay NHPN-1010's way into the clinic, and now Otologic and PharPoint plan to kick off a recruitment for the study before the end of the quarter.

"Hearing loss is the third most common physical ailment behind arthritis and heart disease," PharPoint Chief Operating Officer Audra McRae said in a statement. "Using our team's experience, we are excited to work on a product that potentially eases the troubles for those affected by hearing loss."

Founded in 2005, PharPoint specializes in clinical monitoring, data management and biostatistics.

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