Cardialysis taps AG Mednet to handle an ocean of trial data

The Netherlands' Cardialysis runs trials for medical devices and drugs at more than 1,200 sites around the world, scanning thousands of patients generating heaps of image data that must be carefully managed and monitored to comply with regulatory bodies and ensure safety. Now, to keep everything running smoothly, the CRO has reached out to Boston eClinical outfit AG Mednet to oversee data submission and collection.

AG Mednet's platform allows Cardialysis to upload clinical trial image data, anonymize it for regulatory compliance, optimize it for analysis and then store it away, the company said. That streamlined process makes for more efficient core lab work, Cardialysis said, and it has led to better quality data with each trial.

For AG Mednet, the Cardialysis deal is its third such partnership in 12 months, and the company's data platform has expanded to include more than 25,000 users since its foundation in 2005. And with each partnership, AG Mednet gets a chance to hone its service on new demands and therapeutic areas, CEO Abraham Gutman said.

"With Cardialysis, we're working on cardiology-related studies with two major medical device companies and more than 1,000 participating patients," Gutman said in a statement. "We are passionate about working with organizations that are leading the industry in a positive direction and we see Cardialysis as doing exactly that."

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