Pairing the algorithm with AliveCor’s smartphone and Apple Watch-based ECGs could enable the remote, noninvasive monitoring of potassium levels.

The results indicate improved outcomes at the five-year mark for patients implanted with the CoreValve transcatheter aortic valve replacement device.

VolitionRx detected 80% of stage 1 colorectal cancer cases and 66% of precancerous, high-risk adenomas at 78% specificity.

The acquisition creates the first AI company to be able to work on the entire drug discovery and development process, says BenevolentAI.

The partners think advanced imaging and software can enable a streamlined, automated workflow suitable for use on a large scale.

The companies are part of a star-studded commission that is working on a road map for improving outcomes in rare diseases.

Medical device maker Becton Dickinson is suing rival Cytek Biosciences and a group of former employees, claiming they stole trade secrets.

The collaboration will leverage BC’s technology and Finnish health records to better understand atrial fibrillation patients.