A study using Mindstrong Health’s app that analyzes smartphone habits showed promise in predicting when and why mental health issues occur.

The partners will validate the use of Thermo's Oncomine at Biocept’s laboratory before pitching diagnostic testing services to biopharma companies.

The test builds on Abionic’s work to develop an immunoassay platform that delivers results faster than the traditional laboratory-based process.

Backed by Khosla Ventures and ex-Pfizer CEO Jeff Kindler, the Y Combinator graduate is introducing a $4,000 robot that performs pipetting tasks.

Drayson hoped to show the app improved outcomes by enabling better self-management but the data fell short in some key areas.

Novartis foresees next-generation immunotherapies that use biodegradable implants and injectable systems to trigger long-lasting attacks on tumors.

Kass-Hout led the groundbreaking openFDA initiative and rehabilitated the reputation of the FDA’s IT department during his three years at the agency.

The study found the wearable device was no more effective than medication alone at reducing sudden cardiac death.