Gecko Biomedical’s first product may be a surgical sealant, but it has eyes on much more. The sealant's polymer has many potential applications.

ReWalk Robotics is gearing up for the clinical testing of its soft suit exoskeleton, which it plans to launch next year.

PolarityTE announced the FDA registration of its skin-regeneration platform, which it will introduce in a limited release.

Thync reported the first effective use of bioelectronics to treat psoriasis in a pilot study.

Toronto’s Titan Medical installed its first single-port robotic surgery system at Florida Hospital Nicholson Center.

More than half of subjects who took the hydrogel particles lost weight, encouraging Gelesis to file for approval despite missing another endpoint.

BioSensics picked up more than $2.5 million in an NIH grant to develop a remote monitoring device for Huntington disease.

A 20-patient study showed its ultrasound PAD balloon was effective in patients with arterial blockage below the knee.

Israeli diagnostics player MeMed reported data showing its blood test can accurately tell the difference between a bacterial and a viral infection.