Quanta nets FDA clearance for its portable dialysis system

Quanta Dialysis Technologies is bringing its small, lightweight blood purification system to the U.S., following its commercial launch in the U.K. last year and clinical pilots with the country’s National Health Service.

With a new FDA clearance in hand, the British company plans to roll out its portable SC+ hemodialysis machine to a variety of care settings on the other side of the pond.

Its modular, cartridge-based design can provide both high-flow modes—for the typical three-times-a-week appointments—or sustained, low-efficiency dialysis treatments for a gentler option. 

The SC+ hemodialysis system (Quanta)

Small enough to fit on top of a cart or desk, it can be used by healthcare professionals in hospitals as well as moved around skilled nursing facilities, with future water purification add-ons that will allow it to operate without a centralized water system.

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“The imperative for better value in healthcare, coupled with new challenges driven by COVID-19, has amplified the need to reimagine how hemodialysis is delivered across a variety of settings,” Quanta CEO John Milad said (PDF). “This will be a pivotal year for Quanta as we build our U.S. presence and bring our next-generation hemodialysis system to a community ripe with need.”

In addition, Quanta plans to introduce a cloud-based, digital health program that will capture treatment data from the dialysis machines and connect them to patient health records. The company has also begun to build out its U.S. team of customer relations and technical staff.