Who's fierce in Medtech? Submit your nominations now for 2020's Fierce 15

FMT Fierce 15
As with every year, we now ask for your help as we search for the next class of Fierce Medtech’s Fierce 15. Nominations are open for private companies from across the globe. (Fierce Medtech)

Beset by COVID-19, this year has demanded fierce responses from the world’s medtech companies in nearly every field.

Numerous developers of medical devices, artificial intelligence, health tech and, of course, diagnostic tests have all worked to pivot their pipelines—by repurposing and scaling up useful products or delivering entirely new ones—to help save lives, protect our healthcare workers and get our world back on track.

Still more companies have continued to tackle the chronic and acute conditions that plagued us before and will continue to do so once the pandemic subsides—despite 2020’s upending of daily life in the home, hospital, office or laboratory.

Above all, this year has underlined the importance of delivering innovation. And while the world has begun to change, the assignment for our annual Fierce 15 list has not: spotlighting the young companies that promise to change people’s lives, either by overcoming obstacles to better health or by finding new ways to enable clinicians and biomedical researchers hoping to deliver the next great therapy.

And, as always, we're asking for your help as we search for Fierce Medtech’s next class of Fierce 15. Nominations are open for private startups and companies from across the globe, whether they’re currently working in COVID-19 or not. 

Please submit your nominations—outlining just why you think they’re fierce—in the form below before 6 p.m. ET on Friday, Jan. 15. The full list of last year’s winners is available here.