Zimmer partners with orthobiologics startup to sell its fracture, bone-void products

N-Force Fixation System--Courtesy of CelgenTek

Zimmer Biomet ($ZBH) has made an exclusive global distribution agreement with recently formed upstart CelgenTek Innovations to distribute its fracture fixation system and a bone-void filler. The CelgenTek N-Force Fixation System enables the injection of either Zimmer's N-Force Blue Bone Substitute Material, which is marketed in the U.S., or CelgenTek's iN3 Cement that is sold in the EU.

It can be difficult for surgeons to introduce fillers and cements during a fixation procedure. It usually must be done before to fill the defects or after with injections or packing. But the CelgenTek system integrates that surgical need by enabling bone void fillers and cements to be introduced directly through the fixation screw used in the system.

"The driving focus of Zimmer Biomet's Trauma portfolio has always been to equip surgeons with exceptional tools that can unlock personalized outcomes for patients, whether they are suffering from routine or complex fracture injuries, which is exactly why we have chosen to pursue this partnership with CelgenTek Innovations," said Randy Sessler, VP and GM of the Zimmer Biomet Trauma business, said in a statement. 

He continued, "The combination of the N-Force Fixation System with our N-Force Blue BSM represents ingenuity and stability in an innovative design, and we are excited to include these clinical solutions as part of our focused strategy to serve trauma surgeons and healthcare systems around the globe."

The expectation is that this approach to injecting the filler via the screw will enable a surgeon to fill the bone void more fully, thereby enhancing the support of the implant.

Based in Memphis, TN and founded in May 2014, CelgenTek Innovations focuses on developing and manufacturing products to improve outcomes for patients with compromised bone. It's comprised of the Memphis-based InnoVision subsidiary and a Shannon, Ireland-based business known just as CelgenTek that manufactures the N-Force Fixation System and iN3 Cement. InnoVision holds the trademark for the N-Force Fixation System.

"We are honored to partner with Zimmer Biomet in expanding the reach and influence of our orthobiologic portfolio with the commercial capabilities of an innovation leader in global musculoskeletal healthcare," said CelgenTek Innovations CEO Dr. Thomas Russell.  "CelgenTek Innovations is positioned at the forefront of clinical innovation in the United States, Europe and Australia, and in partnership with Zimmer Biomet we aim to accelerate our strategies for ongoing growth."

Earlier this week, Zimmer Biomet did another startup deal--purchasing Ortho Tranmission for its novel tech to anchor artificial limbs in surgical procedures for amputees.

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